Goth Spice (claudia_vice) wrote,
Goth Spice

I think I have topped myself in odd ocular conditions. A week or so ago I put on my contacts, and after a while I noticed my left eye seemed kind of blurry and focusing on different depths of things was weird. It felt like there was something irritating it so I went to the mirror and saw that my left eye had become really dilated. 0.0 More than slightly freaky. I took them out, and the next day tried again but both felt REALLY irritated so I checked and the right eye had dilated. I still have no idea, so I've been sticking to wearing my glasses again. :/ Hopefully I can order some new contacts soon.

Anyways I saw Up in its opening weekend...twice. XD I ended up going to the midnight premiere with various Adventure Team members and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. First of all I hadn't seen anyone in a while, secondly the movie is fantastic. However if you are at all prone to crying during films you will cry manly tears multiple times. JUST SAYING.

I spent like, three days in Cupertino hanging out with Sean and his family. Most of which was just spent relaxing/watching movies/playing silly video games, but I also went to a pool party and ate chocolate enchiladas. :D

Today I woke up to my family and Mom's boyfriendy-type Adam rearranging and cleaning the living room. I...don't even know. Their intentions were good, but really only the armchairs were switched around, stuff moved slightly, some pictures switched, and all of our random clutter/ belongings put in piles and bags in various other rooms. Not really a huge difference, but really I am neutral on the subject. :|

..AH YES there was an actual reason for cleaning: Stacey and Solomon (who's now like, one and a half) are visiting for three or four days this weekend. 8D
Tags: adventures, discomfort, eye problems, pimpage, sean :], wtf mom
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