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So I've gotten new contacts and stuff (YAY BETTER VISION) but now my laptop isn't starting up. It is quite saddening. In the meantime I've been either using the desktop computer when it isn't under Dylan's clutches and my DSi for just quickly checking things. FUN. :|

Anyways I've had a pretty eventful-ish week. Last Friday I went to Alameda for a somewhat-grad party for my stepbrother Isaac. It was a pretty good time, although Dylan and I ended up taking both BART and three bus rides in total.

Last Sunday I went to Berkeley with Megan and Marie for some thriftstore shoppan. :D All of us were aiming to get things for various costumes; I bought a denim jacket for Robin Sparkles ridiculousness (to be made more 80s later today...I'm gonna acid wash it >D ) and some fucking crazy pants that Megan could not believe I was actually willing to buy. I would include a picture, but I'm on the computer at the library soo....I'll save that for a later time.

THIS WEEK I FINALLY GOT MY SCHOOL SHIT IN GEAR. Or something. In any case I lucjked out and there was ONE SPOT in an English clas I need. I start tomorrow, it's two days a week but the actual class is four hours long. And at night. Whatever, I'll survive. Sidenote: DVC has a really...special campus.

Wednesday was Sean and my six-month anniversary...yeah. :D We didn't do anything on the actual day though, but I did journey down to Cupertino for like, 24 hours. We went to go see The Proposal because...Sean's movie tastes are rubbing off on me (What? IT WAS AMUSING.) and then went to eat a huge delicious dinner at an incredibly awesome restaurant, Buca di Beppo. Since then we have come up with many reasons to take many people there. (They serve everything family style. No really. Everything.)

Aside from all that, I have been playing a ton of video games in the past few weeks. Mostly Pokemon Platinum, but various other things too.
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