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Start wearing purple. (Check)

My classes are going pretty bueno in general. So far, I've prevented myself from freaking out and skipping class in a momentary panic (except for the night after my birthday, and that was less panic and more sleep deprivation) and really, I'm seeing that my classes aren't that scary anyway.

English: My teacher is the type of liberal artsy, trendily dressing middle-aged woman you'd expect would live in the North Berkeley hills or something, and talks like one. (She told us that she really likes titles on papers because they were like compressed poetry, or something like that.) This class is only worth a standard 3 credits, but the amount of homework assigned makes me wonder if she is aware of this. The class itself seems like a pretty nice mix of people (except for the guy who said Rurouni Kenshin was his favorite literary character, WHAT.) and we're reading Frankenstein later on YESSSSS.

Japanese: Pretty awesome. Teacher is an energetic lady who is very into the learn-by-being-thrown-into-a-conversation type of Rosetta Stone education, making the class go by pretty quickly. The makeup of the class is one-third nerds, two-thirds Chinese or Korean international students, and somehow everyone is pretty social and non-awkward. This class actually IS worth a bunch of credits (well, 5) and has an hour and a half-ish a week of Lab time.

Costuming: THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST. Instructor is the eminent Tara Maginnis, PhD. She runs the website, and is INCREDIBLY enthusiastic and resembles a mad scientist or Professor Trelawney in person. She's totally fine with students working on personal projects, and will gladly give credit for them. Additionally, she likes making things out of unusual material like mylar chip bags (Like, bags that you'd eat Doritos out of. Yeah.) and many nerdy things. This class requires roughly five million lab hours. In other news, I suck at drawing, but hopefully I will improve. D<

Speaking of my birthday four paragraphs ago, it was quite splendid! As I have suspected, I still think alcohol tastes gross. I still took sips of things out of curiosity though. (Long Island ice tea tastes less gross than everything else so far, but not as good as the fake Hawaiian Punch merri_chan made that one time.)

On the actual day (February 2) I went with my family to eat delishilous customized burgers at The Counter, and then we went to Petar's, a quite eccentric local watering hole at which a lounge singer named Diamond Dave performs four times a week. Diamond Dave began the night by singing "God Bless the USA" and then proceeded to regaled us with songs like "Sex Bomb", "Like a G6", some Santana and Journey, "Low" and the heartwarming classic "I'm in Miami Bitch" by LMFAO.

I need to take everyone I know to Petar's. EVERYONE.

Saturday I had a casual party where we made red velvet cupcakes and played lots of board and card games. Due to the late notice I gave, I didn't see quite as many people as I would have hoped, but it was still a snazzy time.

This week, I need to get more serious about finding a green tracksuit. 8/ (This is for cosplay purposes, FYI. As if you actually wondered, though.) Also, still obsessed with Homestuck, and not caught up yet. This will be related to cosplay in the future.

Top 5 People I Want to Befriend (in no real order):
1. Maureen Johnson
2. Hayley G. Hoover
3. Chris Colfer
4. the DMV
5. Charlie McDonnell
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