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Uhhh sorry if I just comment-spammed months old journal entries of yours, I just had a sudden bout of catch-up. 8/

Speaking of catch-up, I am on Act 5 or something of Homestuck? I am getting to know the trolls. Terezi is a favorite. AND. I am finally on Series 5 of Doctor Who. I've watched the first episode, AND CAN'T FIND ANY MORE ANYWHERE, so am resorting to getting actual physical discs from Netflix. *melodramatic sigh*

Karen Gillan is extremely attractive. Yep.

Basically on weekdays I've been furiously working on homework in between reading Homestuck, dicking around in Your Pants (dohohoho), and halfheartedly reading Dracula the Un-Dead which is pretty ridiculous and unnecessary, but at least it's just a library rental.

Last weekend I:

- Surprised Sean with tickets to Avenue Q on Thursday as a late Valentine's present. :D He hadn't seen it before, and his reactions were PRICELESS.

- Friday I had a serious meeting with my grandparents and Dylan about college and whatnot. It all went a lot better than I expected, and also I got a birthday present, and a children's book about an albatross that Pops illustrated. (It was just by a local publisher, but still. Pretty awesome!) Later on Sean and I went out to Barney's as part of a Valentine's present from his grandma, and proceeded to stuff our faces.

- Went to Animation on Display (a.k.a. AoD, or Drowned Rat Con because the rain, she was coming down quite hard) which I hadn't been to before, but was actually much better than I expected! Then again the last con I went to was Hyper-Con, so, yeah. I had meant to cosplay, but apparently it's impossible to find a green tracksuit this time of year. :/ Later on I met up with a bunch of the usual peoples to watch the Chinese New Year parade, and then later eat Thai food.

- Sunday I tried to D&D it up with Sean, Dylan, Kitty, & Weasel, but halfway through an encounter Chinni remembered that he was supposed to have dinner with his mom, sooo that was unfortunate. I really feel like I'm getting the hang of playing though, (my character's level 6!) so that's cool. We ended up hanging out in Dylan/Chinni's room, playing Minecraft, watching some movies (Newsies and Chasing Amy), being dorks, and leveling our spiderkin powers. (i.e. single stitch crocheting by hand)

Due to Costuming class, I feel like I have full license to make a lot of crazy shit, and additionally feel like making costumes actual weeks before cons. (What a novel idea!) Also Kitty gave me the idea of dyeing a wig plaid, and. I kind of want to do it, to see IF I CAN. >.>
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