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Whoa I had no idea the last time I posted here was a month ago. 8/

Things have been very rollercoasteresque. At some point I got so wrapped up in schoolwork/other tasks I ended up skipping out on therapist appointments, and the last time I went was...around my birthday, I think? I had been sort of trying to wean myself off of appointments, mainly because I have been feeling a lot better and most progress for me is just setting schedules for myself, sticking to regular tasks, etc. A lot of therapist appointments this year have just been me grasping for things to talk about, really.

I kinda divebombed a couple weeks ago though. I skipped a bunch of classes and flipped out because it was like I was emotionally transported back to two years ago. I ended up dropping one of my classes (English, because my Japanese one was really hard to get into and Costumes isn't that demanding anyway) and now things have more or less straightened themselves out.

At the beginning of March I went with some people from my school's Queer Straight Alliance to an LGBTQIA youth-conference dealy at UC Berkeley. I registered for it on a whim, and then after the panel descriptions were posted it seemed like it would be pretty cool.

The dudes who I went with all turned out to be pretty nerdy, so there was easy conversation aplenty, and the conference turned out to be EXTREMELY awesome. Like, if you're somewhere in the gay/unusually gendered spectrum or if queer studies/culture are your forte, I would totally recommend going. The atmosphere was great and I was kind of surprised at the range of speakers and topics covered, not to mention I met a lot of rad people.

One of the highlights was a panel called "Make Your Own Damn Sex Toys" which my con compatriots and I deemed just too amusing to miss, and man, were we right. It was mainly hosted by an extremely polite, pint-sized individual who went on to give demonstrations on proper tying techniques and how to make a flogger out of a bike innertube. The way they spoke was just really cute and amusing though, I don't even know how to convey it. 8D (Gender neutral terms about this person due to my group being honestly unsure about what their gender was)

While 90% of the panels sounded intriguing and generally agreeable, my group and I found this one just... a bit much.


Deconstructing structures of patriarchy by looking into the politics behind animal oppression and cultural enablers of meat eating, and tying queer/feminist theory into animal liberation theory."


In other news, a couple weekends ago I watched some friends of mine shave their heads for the St. Baldrick Foundation, and then afterward I hung out with some of friends in various states of inebriation and had ~*~quality emotional bonding time~*~ :< (I keep wanting to tweet "Oh you know how it is, just some bards and wizards dissatisfied with reality" but uh, yeah. Also if anyone outside of the loop wants to hear the story behind this, it's pretty entertaining and I'll totally tell you.)

Last weekend was D&D Weekend. My friend Bennett had been trying to get some sort of 48-hour campaign organized, and we started around 9ish Friday night and ended at 11PM Saturday (with a six hour break for sleeping, and a couple meal excursions) because we're not as insane as he is. It was a decent amount of fun, and thoroughly ridiculous. I feel like it would have been a lot better if someone less intense had DM'ed though.


This week I am going to go to Wondercon, cosplay Marceline the Vampire Queen, and go to a play or two. And also see Jane Eyre, goddammit.
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