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Whoa I had no idea the last time I posted here was a month ago. 8/

Things have been very rollercoasteresque. At some point I got so wrapped up in schoolwork/other tasks I ended up skipping out on therapist appointments, and the last time I went was...around my birthday, I think? I had been sort of trying to wean myself off of appointments, mainly because I have been feeling a lot better and most progress for me is just setting schedules for myself, sticking to regular tasks, etc. A lot of therapist appointments this year have just been me grasping for things to talk about, really.

I kinda divebombed a couple weeks ago though. I skipped a bunch of classes and flipped out because it was like I was emotionally transported back to two years ago. I ended up dropping one of my classes (English, because my Japanese one was really hard to get into and Costumes isn't that demanding anyway) and now things have more or less straightened themselves out.

At the beginning of March I went with some people from my school's Queer Straight Alliance to an LGBTQIA youth-conference dealy at UC Berkeley. I registered for it on a whim, and then after the panel descriptions were posted it seemed like it would be pretty cool.

The dudes who I went with all turned out to be pretty nerdy, so there was easy conversation aplenty, and the conference turned out to be EXTREMELY awesome. Like, if you're somewhere in the gay/unusually gendered spectrum or if queer studies/culture are your forte, I would totally recommend going. The atmosphere was great and I was kind of surprised at the range of speakers and topics covered, not to mention I met a lot of rad people.

One of the highlights was a panel called "Make Your Own Damn Sex Toys" which my con compatriots and I deemed just too amusing to miss, and man, were we right. It was mainly hosted by an extremely polite, pint-sized individual who went on to give demonstrations on proper tying techniques and how to make a flogger out of a bike innertube. The way they spoke was just really cute and amusing though, I don't even know how to convey it. 8D (Gender neutral terms about this person due to my group being honestly unsure about what their gender was)

While 90% of the panels sounded intriguing and generally agreeable, my group and I found this one just... a bit much.


Deconstructing structures of patriarchy by looking into the politics behind animal oppression and cultural enablers of meat eating, and tying queer/feminist theory into animal liberation theory."


In other news, a couple weekends ago I watched some friends of mine shave their heads for the St. Baldrick Foundation, and then afterward I hung out with some of friends in various states of inebriation and had ~*~quality emotional bonding time~*~ :< (I keep wanting to tweet "Oh you know how it is, just some bards and wizards dissatisfied with reality" but uh, yeah. Also if anyone outside of the loop wants to hear the story behind this, it's pretty entertaining and I'll totally tell you.)

Last weekend was D&D Weekend. My friend Bennett had been trying to get some sort of 48-hour campaign organized, and we started around 9ish Friday night and ended at 11PM Saturday (with a six hour break for sleeping, and a couple meal excursions) because we're not as insane as he is. It was a decent amount of fun, and thoroughly ridiculous. I feel like it would have been a lot better if someone less intense had DM'ed though.


This week I am going to go to Wondercon, cosplay Marceline the Vampire Queen, and go to a play or two. And also see Jane Eyre, goddammit.
LOVE! Flaming and ridiculous.

Writer's Block: Food glorious food

If you could get a free, unlimited supply of one food for life, what would you choose?
Uhhhh oh jeez, probably raspberry scones or something. If this somehow actually happened to me I'd be debating it for possibly hours.

I finally got caught up with Homestuck like fifteen minutes ago, and at first I was like 'Whoa wait, where's the --> button?' and then I realized. 8D... In other news, Terezi is still my flavorite. (Lmao joke honestly not even intended, it's just a word I use sometimes)

The other day I went to JoAnn to have a crazy buyathon fiesta, because Sean's mom gave me a pretty generous gift card and some coupons for my birthday, and now I have ALL THE FABRIC. Well, anything I'll need for the next many months or so. So, expect some Costume Progress Pictures. Hopefully.

I feel like I've been both really busy and yet not really up to anything much lately. This could be because a lot of what I've been doing is homework or reading, (or, at late hours of the night, reading Homestuck) but it also might be because a lot of what I've been doing is planning or trying to figure out how to budget my time better. (As I type this at five in the morning...)

Additionally, it really bothers me that I haven't made time to write in at least a month or so. :/ It also doesn't help that I tend to keep my primary writing notebook in weird places. Basically, I really need to make some slight adjustments.

Bahhh I keep beginning to write different tangents but really I SHOULD GO TO SLEEP. The end, no moral.
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If someone insults you when you're walking down the street, what do you do?

Probably laugh at how out of place it was, or just stand there for a minute, disoriented.

Oh btw if you wanted to read some stuff that I've written (as in fiction) you can check out my Figment account. When I have less homework I may post more things! Things that actually strive to have a plot! Won't that be wonderful.

Also I need to actually make time to write, because otherwise I don't end up writing for personal projects/stories ever. Which is BAD.
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Uhhh sorry if I just comment-spammed months old journal entries of yours, I just had a sudden bout of catch-up. 8/

Speaking of catch-up, I am on Act 5 or something of Homestuck? I am getting to know the trolls. Terezi is a favorite. AND. I am finally on Series 5 of Doctor Who. I've watched the first episode, AND CAN'T FIND ANY MORE ANYWHERE, so am resorting to getting actual physical discs from Netflix. *melodramatic sigh*

Karen Gillan is extremely attractive. Yep.

Basically on weekdays I've been furiously working on homework in between reading Homestuck, dicking around in Your Pants (dohohoho), and halfheartedly reading Dracula the Un-Dead which is pretty ridiculous and unnecessary, but at least it's just a library rental.

Last weekend I:

- Surprised Sean with tickets to Avenue Q on Thursday as a late Valentine's present. :D He hadn't seen it before, and his reactions were PRICELESS.

- Friday I had a serious meeting with my grandparents and Dylan about college and whatnot. It all went a lot better than I expected, and also I got a birthday present, and a children's book about an albatross that Pops illustrated. (It was just by a local publisher, but still. Pretty awesome!) Later on Sean and I went out to Barney's as part of a Valentine's present from his grandma, and proceeded to stuff our faces.

- Went to Animation on Display (a.k.a. AoD, or Drowned Rat Con because the rain, she was coming down quite hard) which I hadn't been to before, but was actually much better than I expected! Then again the last con I went to was Hyper-Con, so, yeah. I had meant to cosplay, but apparently it's impossible to find a green tracksuit this time of year. :/ Later on I met up with a bunch of the usual peoples to watch the Chinese New Year parade, and then later eat Thai food.

- Sunday I tried to D&D it up with Sean, Dylan, Kitty, & Weasel, but halfway through an encounter Chinni remembered that he was supposed to have dinner with his mom, sooo that was unfortunate. I really feel like I'm getting the hang of playing though, (my character's level 6!) so that's cool. We ended up hanging out in Dylan/Chinni's room, playing Minecraft, watching some movies (Newsies and Chasing Amy), being dorks, and leveling our spiderkin powers. (i.e. single stitch crocheting by hand)

Due to Costuming class, I feel like I have full license to make a lot of crazy shit, and additionally feel like making costumes actual weeks before cons. (What a novel idea!) Also Kitty gave me the idea of dyeing a wig plaid, and. I kind of want to do it, to see IF I CAN. >.>
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Start wearing purple. (Check)

My classes are going pretty bueno in general. So far, I've prevented myself from freaking out and skipping class in a momentary panic (except for the night after my birthday, and that was less panic and more sleep deprivation) and really, I'm seeing that my classes aren't that scary anyway.

English: My teacher is the type of liberal artsy, trendily dressing middle-aged woman you'd expect would live in the North Berkeley hills or something, and talks like one. (She told us that she really likes titles on papers because they were like compressed poetry, or something like that.) This class is only worth a standard 3 credits, but the amount of homework assigned makes me wonder if she is aware of this. The class itself seems like a pretty nice mix of people (except for the guy who said Rurouni Kenshin was his favorite literary character, WHAT.) and we're reading Frankenstein later on YESSSSS.

Japanese: Pretty awesome. Teacher is an energetic lady who is very into the learn-by-being-thrown-into-a-conversation type of Rosetta Stone education, making the class go by pretty quickly. The makeup of the class is one-third nerds, two-thirds Chinese or Korean international students, and somehow everyone is pretty social and non-awkward. This class actually IS worth a bunch of credits (well, 5) and has an hour and a half-ish a week of Lab time.

Costuming: THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST. Instructor is the eminent Tara Maginnis, PhD. She runs the website, and is INCREDIBLY enthusiastic and resembles a mad scientist or Professor Trelawney in person. She's totally fine with students working on personal projects, and will gladly give credit for them. Additionally, she likes making things out of unusual material like mylar chip bags (Like, bags that you'd eat Doritos out of. Yeah.) and many nerdy things. This class requires roughly five million lab hours. In other news, I suck at drawing, but hopefully I will improve. D<

Speaking of my birthday four paragraphs ago, it was quite splendid! As I have suspected, I still think alcohol tastes gross. I still took sips of things out of curiosity though. (Long Island ice tea tastes less gross than everything else so far, but not as good as the fake Hawaiian Punch merri_chan made that one time.)

On the actual day (February 2) I went with my family to eat delishilous customized burgers at The Counter, and then we went to Petar's, a quite eccentric local watering hole at which a lounge singer named Diamond Dave performs four times a week. Diamond Dave began the night by singing "God Bless the USA" and then proceeded to regaled us with songs like "Sex Bomb", "Like a G6", some Santana and Journey, "Low" and the heartwarming classic "I'm in Miami Bitch" by LMFAO.

I need to take everyone I know to Petar's. EVERYONE.

Saturday I had a casual party where we made red velvet cupcakes and played lots of board and card games. Due to the late notice I gave, I didn't see quite as many people as I would have hoped, but it was still a snazzy time.

This week, I need to get more serious about finding a green tracksuit. 8/ (This is for cosplay purposes, FYI. As if you actually wondered, though.) Also, still obsessed with Homestuck, and not caught up yet. This will be related to cosplay in the future.

Top 5 People I Want to Befriend (in no real order):
1. Maureen Johnson
2. Hayley G. Hoover
3. Chris Colfer
4. the DMV
5. Charlie McDonnell
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Let's give this LJ thing a try again, shall we?

Because I miss Internetting regularly. And you people.

So what have I been up to for the past year?

Apparently on my last real entry I mentioned that my laptop wasn't starting up: for a month or so after that I thought I got a fatal virus or something, but then I had my dad look at it and he figured out that my hard drive had stopped running completely. I got my laptop up and working with a new one by the end of last summer, buuut I didn't have anything backed up. :/

I've still been at DVC, with mixed success. Among other things I took a Japanese class and did really well, which is cool because I really like/am good at languages but just hadn't really had the opportunity to take any since high school. I'm taking a summer class right not, and my teacher is...quite the character.

I did NaNoWriMo and was 4000 words short BAHHHH. But I went to Night of Writing Dangerously, which was super awesome, and I'm glad I wrote that much because the story I began is like, my Main Story that I've been working on since I was but a youth.

I FINALLY found a therapist, who I've been seeing for almost two months. :0 It's definitely helped things, I'd say; he referred me to a psychiatrist so I may be officially less crazy soon.

For Christmas, Sean's family bought me A BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE. o.o Craazy. I made most of a costume for Fanime, but didn't end up giving myself enough time to finish it. But still, learning experience.

OH. I started working as a ChaCha guide as a quasi-part time thing. It pays like, pocket change, but is immensely interesting and/or entertaining. More details later.

I'll probably go through old entries and catch myself up on what you guys have been up to to some extent, because I'm weird like that, buuut has there been anything especially life-altering that's happened to you that I should know about as a precursor? (e.g. Did you move thousands of miles away? Get married? Drastically change careers/life goals? Kill a man in Reno just to watch him die? Become obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire?)
Dinosaur time

Apparently when I want to update this but keep putting it off I fill in memes instead.

[Stolen mercilessly from Hayley G. Hoover's blog.]

1. What author do you own the most books by?
Upon inspecting my bookcases, I think it's Lemony Snicket. Yep. I was expecting something actually embarrassing, though.

2. What book do you own the most copies of?
I have British and American versions of the first four Harry Potter books, but that's about it.

3. Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions?
Not really. Surveys could, and have, done worse than messing up grammar.

4. What fictional character are you secretly in love with?
I...don't think I have one? I'm boring and weird.

5. What book have you read the most times in your life (excluding picture books read to children; i.e., Goodnight Moon does not count)?
Probably the Diary of Anne Frank. I must have read it three or four times when I was a lass. I don't really re-read books a lot; I've only re-read most of my favorites once.

6. What was your favorite book when you were ten years old?
Oh jeez. Something by Ann M. Martin? Or Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. One or both of those.

7. What is the worst book you've read in the past year?
Dune. (I still feel like I need to apologize about this, mainly because I know people who are HUGE fans and would have a seizure if I told them.) The writing style just really, really wasn't my cup of tea. The plot, sure, because it was actually interesting and well-thought out, but the story just seemed to take forever to get on with itself. (Ha, I read Breaking Dawn SLIGHTLY over a year ago, so I'm not counting it.)

8. What is the best book you've read in the past year?
Paper Towns, White Apples was a re-read, The Eyes of the Dragon, Lying...actually I've read a lot of good books this year. If I HAD to pick one it would probably be Paper Towns by John Green. Both quite fun and quite good.

9. If you could force everyone you tagged to read one book, what would it be?
WHITE APPLES BY JONATHAN CARROLL. For the most part I really love how it's written, plus the story is trippy as hell and kind of romantic with really flawed protagonists. It's pretty much my quintessential book.

10. What book would you most like to see made into a movie?
While Breaking Dawn as a movie would be ridiculously hilarious, I'd totally be behind another adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Even if it's absolutely horrible I would probably still watch it.

11. What book would you least like to see made into a movie?
Most of them...? Catcher in the Rye obviously. Anything by Jacqueline Carey or Storm Constantine. Wait, now that I think about it, those last two would actually make for epically terrible adaptations.

12. Describe your weirdest dream involving a writer, book, or literary character.
I had one where fictional characters were more like actors, they still had all the same characteristics but with different personalities. The real Edward was sick of acting like a douche all the time and was dating Hermione.

13. What is the most lowbrow book you've read as an adult?
Daughters of the Moon books are pretty redorkulous. It's like reading a novelization of an episode of Charmed, except the characters are sixteen years old and sometimes slip into Spanglish.

14. What is the most difficult book you've ever read?
Strange and/or slow pacing drives me really crazy in books, because I like everything to flow nicely into each other. If a book marches along with no major development it will probably drive me crazy. (I guess I'm an impatient reader or something.) So with all of that said I'm going to say Orlando by Virginia Woolf.

15. What is the most obscure Shakespeare play you've seen?
I actually don't even think I've seen a Shakespeare play. D: One time I almost saw a rock opera version of Hamlet, but that's about it.

16. Do you prefer the French or the Russians?
I'm going with Russians, but off the top of my head I don't think I've read a ton of either.

17. Roth or Updike?
I don't think I've read a full book of either. :/

18. David Sedaris or Dave Eggers?
DAMMIT SAME TO THIS. I need to get around to both or either.

19. Shakespeare, Milton, or Chaucer?
Shakespeare, but really I'm not too familiar with the latter two. I really need to stop reading weirdass books I hear about on LJ and read some classics sometime...

20. Austen or Eliot?
If the Eliot in question is T.S., then yes, him. If otherwise, I guess I have to go with Austen.

21. What is the biggest or most embarrassing gap in your reading?
Classic books that everyone apparently read in high school/middle school except me. QQ.

22. What is your favorite novel?
Auuuuugh. Really close tie between American Gods and The Amber Spyglass.

23. Play?
I quite rather like Much Ado About Nothing.

24. Poem?
I'm really not a poetry person. Probably "Warning" by Jenny Joseph.

25. Essay?
"Love" by Lauren Slater. It's pretty great. I think I'm becoming more and more a fan of hers.

26. Work of nonfiction?
Lying by Lauren Slater. Yep.

27. Who is your favorite writer?
Mr. Neil Gaiman.

28. Who is the most overrated writer alive today?
I want to say Stephenie Meyer, but really it seems like her books have more fame and are therefore more "rated" then she is. In any case, I don't really tend to read popular books.

29. What is your desert island book?
Uhhhh White Apples. I don't really see myself getting tired of it any time soon.

30. And... what are you reading right now?
A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
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So I've gotten new contacts and stuff (YAY BETTER VISION) but now my laptop isn't starting up. It is quite saddening. In the meantime I've been either using the desktop computer when it isn't under Dylan's clutches and my DSi for just quickly checking things. FUN. :|

Anyways I've had a pretty eventful-ish week. Last Friday I went to Alameda for a somewhat-grad party for my stepbrother Isaac. It was a pretty good time, although Dylan and I ended up taking both BART and three bus rides in total.

Last Sunday I went to Berkeley with Megan and Marie for some thriftstore shoppan. :D All of us were aiming to get things for various costumes; I bought a denim jacket for Robin Sparkles ridiculousness (to be made more 80s later today...I'm gonna acid wash it >D ) and some fucking crazy pants that Megan could not believe I was actually willing to buy. I would include a picture, but I'm on the computer at the library soo....I'll save that for a later time.

THIS WEEK I FINALLY GOT MY SCHOOL SHIT IN GEAR. Or something. In any case I lucjked out and there was ONE SPOT in an English clas I need. I start tomorrow, it's two days a week but the actual class is four hours long. And at night. Whatever, I'll survive. Sidenote: DVC has a really...special campus.

Wednesday was Sean and my six-month anniversary...yeah. :D We didn't do anything on the actual day though, but I did journey down to Cupertino for like, 24 hours. We went to go see The Proposal because...Sean's movie tastes are rubbing off on me (What? IT WAS AMUSING.) and then went to eat a huge delicious dinner at an incredibly awesome restaurant, Buca di Beppo. Since then we have come up with many reasons to take many people there. (They serve everything family style. No really. Everything.)

Aside from all that, I have been playing a ton of video games in the past few weeks. Mostly Pokemon Platinum, but various other things too.

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I think I have topped myself in odd ocular conditions. A week or so ago I put on my contacts, and after a while I noticed my left eye seemed kind of blurry and focusing on different depths of things was weird. It felt like there was something irritating it so I went to the mirror and saw that my left eye had become really dilated. 0.0 More than slightly freaky. I took them out, and the next day tried again but both felt REALLY irritated so I checked and the right eye had dilated. I still have no idea, so I've been sticking to wearing my glasses again. :/ Hopefully I can order some new contacts soon.

Anyways I saw Up in its opening weekend...twice. XD I ended up going to the midnight premiere with various Adventure Team members and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. First of all I hadn't seen anyone in a while, secondly the movie is fantastic. However if you are at all prone to crying during films you will cry manly tears multiple times. JUST SAYING.

I spent like, three days in Cupertino hanging out with Sean and his family. Most of which was just spent relaxing/watching movies/playing silly video games, but I also went to a pool party and ate chocolate enchiladas. :D

Today I woke up to my family and Mom's boyfriendy-type Adam rearranging and cleaning the living room. I...don't even know. Their intentions were good, but really only the armchairs were switched around, stuff moved slightly, some pictures switched, and all of our random clutter/ belongings put in piles and bags in various other rooms. Not really a huge difference, but really I am neutral on the subject. :|

..AH YES there was an actual reason for cleaning: Stacey and Solomon (who's now like, one and a half) are visiting for three or four days this weekend. 8D
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How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

I RARELY answer Writer's Blocks, but...EIGHT. 8D Favorite was probably either where I am now (Lafayette) or the duplex I lived in for most of elementary school in Oakland. Least favorite...ugh. Most likely my dorm at HNU, but just barely.

So, anyway, stuff I've been up not incredibly interesting. Not at Holy Names anymore for many, various reasons, trying to transfer somewhere else that I'll hopefully be much happier at, and in the meanwhile at home and doing stuff at DVC. On a better note it's summertime, and even though the sun and I are not the best of friends it will probably be much easier to hang out with friends and what not. (I. Should really plan a Disney Party.) The key word here is 'probably' 8D

I went to Fanime last weekend with Sean for a day, and I had QUITE a bit of fun. I really want to go for all days of cons more (ha, if it's feasible that is) because I hear about stuff going on the days I WASN'T there and am like WHY AM I LAME. THAT SOUNDS FUN. D:

ANYWAY. I also threw this...eye-catching ensemble together...because Sailor Moon casual clothing amuses me. XD I really didn't expect anyone to recognize it. And no one did. JUST AS PLANNED~

Other Random News:
• I could get my driver's permit/license soon. YAY?
• Therapist Quest v2.5 seems to be going swimmingly.
• Still fully obsessed with PaperBackSwap. I AM THE PAGEMASTER~ ...goddammit now I want to watch that.
• At some point I became a public transportation wizard.
• Uhhh I turned 19? 8D Yeah. 'Cause the last time I really updated my journal was in December...
• SDCC is a go, I'm booking the hotel in the next 12 hours (Yeesh, kinda late, I know -_x ) so anyone involved and reading this, expect some sort of notification. AND. IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED. I will have some ridiculously awesome fucking costumes.