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Goth Spice

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

I RARELY answer Writer's Blocks, but...EIGHT. 8D Favorite was probably either where I am now (Lafayette) or the duplex I lived in for most of elementary school in Oakland. Least favorite...ugh. Most likely my dorm at HNU, but just barely.

So, anyway, stuff I've been up not incredibly interesting. Not at Holy Names anymore for many, various reasons, trying to transfer somewhere else that I'll hopefully be much happier at, and in the meanwhile at home and doing stuff at DVC. On a better note it's summertime, and even though the sun and I are not the best of friends it will probably be much easier to hang out with friends and what not. (I. Should really plan a Disney Party.) The key word here is 'probably' 8D

I went to Fanime last weekend with Sean for a day, and I had QUITE a bit of fun. I really want to go for all days of cons more (ha, if it's feasible that is) because I hear about stuff going on the days I WASN'T there and am like WHY AM I LAME. THAT SOUNDS FUN. D:

ANYWAY. I also threw this...eye-catching ensemble together...because Sailor Moon casual clothing amuses me. XD I really didn't expect anyone to recognize it. And no one did. JUST AS PLANNED~

Other Random News:
• I could get my driver's permit/license soon. YAY?
• Therapist Quest v2.5 seems to be going swimmingly.
• Still fully obsessed with PaperBackSwap. I AM THE PAGEMASTER~ ...goddammit now I want to watch that.
• At some point I became a public transportation wizard.
• Uhhh I turned 19? 8D Yeah. 'Cause the last time I really updated my journal was in December...
• SDCC is a go, I'm booking the hotel in the next 12 hours (Yeesh, kinda late, I know -_x ) so anyone involved and reading this, expect some sort of notification. AND. IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED. I will have some ridiculously awesome fucking costumes.
Tags: adventure?, anime cons, college, costumes, writer's block
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