Goth Spice (claudia_vice) wrote,
Goth Spice

Let's give this LJ thing a try again, shall we?

Because I miss Internetting regularly. And you people.

So what have I been up to for the past year?

Apparently on my last real entry I mentioned that my laptop wasn't starting up: for a month or so after that I thought I got a fatal virus or something, but then I had my dad look at it and he figured out that my hard drive had stopped running completely. I got my laptop up and working with a new one by the end of last summer, buuut I didn't have anything backed up. :/

I've still been at DVC, with mixed success. Among other things I took a Japanese class and did really well, which is cool because I really like/am good at languages but just hadn't really had the opportunity to take any since high school. I'm taking a summer class right not, and my teacher is...quite the character.

I did NaNoWriMo and was 4000 words short BAHHHH. But I went to Night of Writing Dangerously, which was super awesome, and I'm glad I wrote that much because the story I began is like, my Main Story that I've been working on since I was but a youth.

I FINALLY found a therapist, who I've been seeing for almost two months. :0 It's definitely helped things, I'd say; he referred me to a psychiatrist so I may be officially less crazy soon.

For Christmas, Sean's family bought me A BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE. o.o Craazy. I made most of a costume for Fanime, but didn't end up giving myself enough time to finish it. But still, learning experience.

OH. I started working as a ChaCha guide as a quasi-part time thing. It pays like, pocket change, but is immensely interesting and/or entertaining. More details later.

I'll probably go through old entries and catch myself up on what you guys have been up to to some extent, because I'm weird like that, buuut has there been anything especially life-altering that's happened to you that I should know about as a precursor? (e.g. Did you move thousands of miles away? Get married? Drastically change careers/life goals? Kill a man in Reno just to watch him die? Become obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire?)
Tags: adventure?, anxiety, college, costumes
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