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{Bio is circa 2009, left here for posterity I guess}

Hello, I'm Claudia, and I love pseudonyms. I'm a rather complex, and, at times, hypocritical person. I'm a bisexual Catholic ladything with a rather odd sense of humor. I'm a theatre dork by high school stereotype, although I'm also way nerdier than most people realize and sometimes look like a total gothcake. I'm additionally pretty eclectic in interests.

Don't expect angst-ridden journal entries from me anytime; I think I'd have to stab myself. However, I do tend to rant amusingly and things of that like.

If you found my journal somewhat randomly, feel free to spontaneously comment or friend me. I'm generally a pretty nice person, and am cool with having arbitrary friendly acquaintances.

Chibimoon/Chibi-Usa Tao JunTamaki King Bumi

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